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tel: +43 316 873 4736 mail: iam_info@tugraz.at Das Masterstudium Architektur macht Sie zur Expertin oder zum Experten für die Gestaltung von Lebensräumen. Das viersemestrige Masterstudium Architektur im Gesamtumfang von 120 ECTS-Credits erweitert das im Bachelorstudium Architektur (6 Semester) erworbene Wissen. I study architecture because I can make creative decisions as an architect, which have positive effects on many people during their daily lives. Furthermore, this also applies to an entire range of topics in urban development and urban renewal. Design 1: You will learn how to analyse, interpret and master simple tasks related to design. Designing and drafting as a complex, creative process: You will acquire the ability to answer any kind of question architecturally. Knowledge of architectural history and theory: You will draw on this as a source of inspiration. Das Master-Studium "Architektur" bietet eine interaktive und interdisziplinäre Architekturausbildung. 542 likes. This means that they usually take a very active role throughout the entire construction process. You are required to proof German language proficiency at level A2 or higher at the time when you submit your application. I am highly creative but also interested in technology. And now you want to know how everyday life works at a university, or what future perspectives do you have when studying your choice? Das Double Degree Master Programm der Fakultät für Architektur der TU Graz findet diese Studienjahr zum ersten Mal statt. 7.3K likes. Institut für Architektur und Medien Technische Universität Graz Fakultät für Architektur. This is supported by teachers who contribute their professional experience to the teaching and by lecture series, such as the “Graz Architecture Lectures”, in which attempts are made to present the broad field of architectural possibilities and topics on an international level. His interest in interdisciplinary research is reflected by several articles co-authored with scholars from the fields of art history, restoration and Asian studies. This infrastructure enables you to review and present design ideas. Load-bearing Structures: You will gain an understanding of both basic and recurring and complex load-bearing systems. In addition, the bachelor's degree offers you the opportunity to apply internationally for master's degree programmes. Institut für Architektur und Medien Technische Universität Graz Fakultät für Architektur. Design 4 – Bachelor Paper: Building on what you have learned in previous modules, you will be able to interpret various aspects of architecture, communicate personal architectural decisions and create a work based on the state of the art. tel: +43 316 873 4736 mail: iam_info@tugraz.at TU Wien en de Über die ... Entwerfen Master - Videopräsentationen des Lehrangebots WS 2020/21 pdf Module Master ... Wiederholung einer Lehrveranstaltungsprüfung Diplomarbeit Abschluss Masterstudium Architektur (Dipl.-Ing.) Alle Cookies akzeptieren. The registration deadline for the academic year 2020/21: has expired The registration deadline for the academic year 2021/22: is still to be announced. Design 2: You will solve more complex design tasks, overlay and master urban planning and construction parameters with spatial ideas and present your designs in public. mail: iam_info@tugraz.at. Are you creative? Kronesgasse 5/III A-8010 Graz. Digital Design Methods: You will acquire basic theoretical and applied knowledge about digital design methods made possible by the use of information technology in architecture and for purposes of architectural design. Fakultät für Architektur TU Graz, Graz. In my opinion, architecture is simply endless fun, and if I could, I would choose it all over again. Artistic Practice: You will learn more about the interrelationships among technological, artistic, social and economic conditions. Das ingenieurwissenschaftliche Masterstudium Architektur umfasst vier Semester. As an additional special feature, a furniture construction workshop is available in which students can create their own furniture designs under the guidance of trained carpenters. Mit dem Besuch dieser Seite stimme ich zu, dass diese Cookies für Analysen verwendet. If your proficiency in German has not yet reached the required level C1, then you can register at TU Graz as a non-degree student until you are able to document German language competence at the required level C1. In the course of his master and PhD programs he had several scholarships for Japan and Hong Kong, and was also involved in research on Buddhist architecture in the Western Himalaya. Das erwartet Sie … Veronika supports international prospective students as International Student Ambassador. Erstellen Sie zukunftsweisende Entwürfe für Bauwerke und Räume und setzen Sie diese um! The master’s degree programme Architecture allows you to become an expert for the creation of living spaces. Admission for Austrian student applicants: Working with others in an architectural bureau in various positions, Working with others in planning and construction departments of a construction company, Working with others in project development in a real estate company, Acting as a consultant and providing expertise in the construction trade, Facility management in the real estate industry, Consulting and mediation activities in complex planning processes. Abschluss: M.Eng. Dieses Architektur-Studium bietet Ihnen eine interaktive und fächerübergreifende Ausbildung, die Ihnen ein vielfältiges Berufsfeld eröffnet. In the privacy policy you will find further information as well as the possibility of withdrawal. Sponsion – Abschlussfeier. Alle UNI/FH Studien in Österreich: Info's zu Studium Architektur, TU Wien : Studieninhalt, Qualifikationsprofil, Zulassungsvoraussetzungen, Berufsaussichten, Job-Chancen, Kontaktdaten, Weiterführende Links - Portal für Bildung und Karriere in Österreich After completing the bachelor's degree programme, you can directly enrol in the following master’s degree programme at TU Graz: If you are interested in other master’s degree programmes at TU Graz, you can find information about admission on the respective pages for the master’s degree programmes. Tiefer in ein Fachgebiet eintauchen, Wissen praktisch anwenden, selbstständig forschen, Auslandserfahrung sammeln - all das und noch viel mehr bieten die Masterstudien an der TU Graz. Im Rahmen der zentralen Aufgabe des Entwerfens sieht das Masterstudium Architektur verschiedene Vertiefungsthemen vor, die von spezialisierten Wahlfächern begleitet werden. Save preferences Design 3: You will learn how to analyse a task, to present it as an architectural form and to argue or present your design using simple language. Fundamentals of Architecture: You will be taught content that serves as a basis for further knowledge acquisition and improves your understanding of connection among content materials, laying the foundation for further education. You will learn how to design independent load-bearing structures and develop essential, detailed aspects of construction. www.postgraduate-master.at präsentiert Ihnen 13 Masterstudiengänge mit dem Schwerpunkt „Architektur & Bau“.Bei den Studiengängen handelt es sich um neun Präsenzstudiengänge sowie vier Fernstudiengänge.Ein Fernstudium können Sie ortsunabhängig in ganz Österreich studieren. Do you want to combine your sense of aesthetics with technology? Absolventinnen und Ab- solventen dieses Studiums wird der akademische Grad „Diplom-Ingenieurin“ bzw. "Diplom-Ingenieur", abgekürzt „Dipl.-Ing.“ oder „DI“ verliehen. TU Graz Portfolio of Affiliated Companies, Representative Bodies for Members of TU Graz, Overview: Degree and Certificate Programmes, Overview: International: Studying & Teaching, Internationals at TU Graz - COVID-19 Information, Competence Centres and Research Companies, Business Enterprises – Start-ups and Spin-offs, Faculty of Electrical and Information Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Economic Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Geodesy, Faculty of Technical Chemistry, Chemical and Process Engineering, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering Sciences and Construction Management, Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering, Environmental Systems Sciences / Natural Sciences-Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics, Advisory Services for Prospective Students, Research and Technology Advisory Committee, Admission and deadlines for international student applicants. Fakultät für Architektur, tel: +43 316 873 4736 By taking part in excursions, you will increase your understanding of the complex relationship between architecture, landscape and urban space. Zum ersten Mal werden die Arbeiten heuer gesammelt auf einer eigenen Webseite präsentiert und somit auch digital zugänglich gemacht. This begins with project development, where studies by architects usually form the basis for assessing, e.g. In this degree programme, you will have the opportunity to apply your projects practically. Basics of Design and Context: You will learn about aspects of form, space, topography, structure, shape, light and colour. Cultural and Architectural Theory: You will gain an insight into the interaction between architectural and cultural development. Kronesgasse 5/III A-8010 Graz. Der Gesamtumfang beträgt 120 ECTS-Anrechnungspunkte. Alles zum Masterstudium Architektur an der Technische Universität Graz: Anzahl der Studierenden, Dauer, Abschluss, Kosten, Studienplan, Voraussetzungen, Inhalt und Berufsfelder. Construction 1: You will move beyond the basics of model making, learn to apply constructive solutions using different materials and construction methods, and acquire a basic understanding of material, construction and form. Gerald Kozicz studied architecture at TU Graz and completed his PhD in 2001. Studying a subject in depth, applying knowledge in practical projects, doing research autonomously, studying abroad – all of these elements can feature in a TU Graz master’s degree programme, which is the next stage after a bachelor’s degree and is designed to prepare students to enter a relevant profession.. Das Master-Studium "Architektur" bietet eine interaktive und interdisziplinäre Architekturausbildung. You have the opportunity to specialise in the following areas: Basic Methods of Design and Presentation: You will learn how to perform simple design tasks using manual drawings, plan drawings, model building techniques and visual presentation methods. General admission period: 13 July to 30 September 2020, Additional admission period: 1 October to 30 November 2020, General admission period: 11 January to 5 February 2021, Additional admission period: 6 February to 30 April 2021, Further informationen on registration and admission, International degree programme applicants: admission and application deadlines. (11) Freie Wahlfächer können beliebig aus dem Angebot der Studienrichtung Architektur, anderer Studienrichtungen der TU Wien oder anderer Universitäten gewählt werden. The degrees Diplom-Ingenieurin or Diplom-Ingenieur (DI or Dipl.-Ing.) Das Master-Studium Architektur. TU Graz Life Long Learning NATM Master of Engineering - Construction, Rehabilitation and Operation of NATM- & TBM-Tunnels. ... Alle studienrelevanten Formulare und Aushänge finden Sie unter folgendem Link im TU4U - dem Intranet der TU Graz. Alle UNI/FH Studien in Österreich: Info's zu Studium Architektur, TU Graz : Studieninhalt, Qualifikationsprofil, Zulassungsvoraussetzungen, Berufsaussichten, Job-Chancen, Kontaktdaten, Weiterführende Links - Portal für Bildung und Karriere in Österreich Institut für Architektur und Medien The professional opportunities for graduates are very broad and diverse: In order to take full advantage of the wide range of career opportunities, you should complete the Master's Degree Programme in Architecture after completing the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Architecture. #Wissen #Technik #Leidenschaft Studieneingangs- und Orientierungsphase (1) Die Studieneingangs- und Orientierungsphase des Bachelorstudiums Architektur enthält gemäß § 66 UG einführende und orientierende Lehrveranstaltungen und Basics of Construction: You will learn how to understand construction as an integral part of the design process and acquire a basic understanding of material, construction and form as well as learn how to create technical drawings. In the Bachelor's Degree Programme Architecture, you will gain comprehensive and applied specialised knowledge that will enable you not only to design objects and spaces, but also to design cities of the future. Since July 2016 he is leading the FWF-Project on Nagara Architecture at the IAM. During your studies, you will also benefit from an excellent mentoring relationship and exciting excursions. You will explore electromagnetic and thermodynamic problems and learn more about the main theorems of thermodynamics. Regelstudienzeit 4 Semester, Vollzeit ECTS-Credit Points 120 Studienbeginn Sommer- und Wintersemester Bewerbungsfrist mit deutschen Abschlüssen: SS 15. We use cookies in order to be able to provide you with the best possible service in the future. Bachelorstudium Architektur TU Graz Version vom 01.10.2017 7 Technische Universität Graz § 4. Februar WS 15. Art and Architectural History: You will learn how to distinguish building forms and objects of art in simple stylistic terms and to date them to cultural-historical epochs. Alongside the central task of designing, the Master's program includes possibilities for specialization on various topics, accompanied by specialized elective courses. 582 likes. You will then be able to present the designs coherently with the methods you have learned and present them in public. It is not possible to create attractive and responsible designs for our living spaces without well-trained architects. Gerald Kozicz is member of the International Association for Buddhist Sudies (IABS), the  International Association for Tibetan Studies (IATS),  the International  Association for Ladakh Studies (IALS), the European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology (EAAA) and the European Association for South Asian Art and Archaeology (EASAA). Architecture intertwines numerous different study fields, working as an architect often involves input from individuals with different backgrounds. The four-semester Master's Degree program in Architecture, consisting of 120 ECTS credits, builds on knowledge acquired in the six-semester Bachelor's program. I love studying architecture because of the unique opportunity it provides to shape and improve our environment in a creative way. Erfahren Sie mehr Die Master Studio Gruppe war Ende November im Architektur Haus Kärnten zu Gast. Architecture and Energy: You will learn to assess concepts related to construction physics, building technology and energy and to integrate these into the architectural design. Master's Degree Programme Architecture Develop sustainable concepts for cities and environments! Studienrichtung Architektur abgestimmt ist, wird vom studienrechtlichen Organ jährlich festgelegt und gesondert verlautbart. Studienform: Part-time Dauer: 6 Semester Studienort: Graz … Im engeren Sinn ist die zentrale Thematik der Architektur die Planung, der Entwurf und die Gestaltung von Bauwerken.Im erweiterten Sinn beschäftigt sie sich mit Gestaltung von Raum im Allgemeinen. Architektur Master of Arts (M.A.) Tip: Use Ctrl + and Crtl - to change the font size. Create pioneering designs for buildings and facilities and turn them into reality! Alljährlich prämiert die Fakultät für Architektur der Technischen Universität Graz mit den Grazer Architektur Diplompreisen herausragende Abschlussarbeiten des vergangenen Studienjahres. Gerald Kozicz studied architecture at TU Graz and completed his PhD in 2001. Im Unterschied zum bloßen „Bauen“ ist das Merkmal der Architektur eine besondere gestalterische Qualität, die sich in die Nähe einer Baukunst ansiedeln lässt. In the Bachelor's Degree Programme Architecture, you learn how to design living spaces. Kronesgasse 5/III A-8010 Graz. In addition, he was instructor at the TU Graz (Institut für Raumgestaltung und Institut für Architektur und Medien) as well as lecturer at the University of Vienna (Institut für Südostasienkunde, Tibetologie und Buddhismuskunde). Gemeinsam mit dem Politecnico di Milano in Italien wird groß auf Austausch und internationale Lehre gebaut. Neben dem kreativen Entwerfen und dem praxisorientierten Projektmanagement vertiefen Sie sich außerdem in aktuelle Themen der Architektur. FH JOANNEUM Architektur, Graz. Das Studium schafft die für die Arbeit als ArchitektIn im klassischen Sinne notwendige Grundlagenkenntnis und kann darüber hinaus als Basisausbildung für Tätigkeiten in der Bauverwaltung, in der (Bau-)Wirtschaft, in der Bauträgerschaft, im Architekturmanagement und im (Architektur-)Journalismus dienen. Architecture is the most beautiful mix of many different aspects such as social, technical, cultural, artistic and so on. If you are interested in other master’s degree programmes at TU Graz, you can find information about admission on the respective pages for the master’s degree programmes. Since 2005 he has been leading three stand-alone-projects funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) on topics related to Indo-Tibetan architecture and art,  as well as cultural studies in the Himalayan context. Tipp: Erstelle schöne Bildergalerien mit Justified Image Grid. The degree programme at TU Graz brings all the many fields of architecture to life for you as a student. Der erfolgreiche Abschluss des Bachelorstudiums Architektur berechtigt zu einem Masterstudium im Bereich Bauingenieurwesen & Architektur an der Fachhochschule Kärnten im Umfang von 4 Semestern sowie zu einem Masterstudium im Bereich Architektur an einer anderen FH oder Universität gemäß § … If you are required to take the supplementary examination "Descriptive Geometry" when you are admitted to the Architecture programme, you can take it during the bachelor's programme. Technische Universität Graz the feasibility of projects. This diversity supports the creative process and is a springboard for many unique ideas. Graz University of TechnologyRechbauerstraße 128010 GRAZAUSTRIAPhone: +43 316 873 0 Fax: +43 316 873 6009E-Mail: infonoSpam@tugraz.atwww.tugraz.atCampus mapOpening hours: 6 am – 8 pm, Campus Alte TechnikRechbauerstraße 12Phone: +43 316 873 6560portier.alte-techniknoSpam@tugraz.at, Campus Neue TechnikStremayrgasse 16Phone: +43 316 873 6570portier.neue-techniknoSpam@tugraz.at, Campus InffeldgasseInffeldgasse 25DPhone: +43 316 873 6580portier.inffeldnoSpam@tugraz.at, Information from TU Graz on dealing with COVID-2019, News+Stories Library Job Vacancies Media Service Events. In particular, I like the fact that we learn a lot about our craft at the beginning of our studies – that is, how to draw, model and build things. You can decide on this basis which areas are most suited for you personally and this is a great help in finding your own path in the vast and spectacular world of architecture. An understanding for and knowledge of constructive, material and technical principles: You will learn how to turn designs into reality. Do you enjoy imagining how space can be used? Als administrative Schnittstelle der Fakultät ist das Dekanat für Architektur um die optimale Informationsweitergabe zwischen Studierenden und Lehrenden bemüht. Construction 2 and 3: You will receive an introduction to constructive relationships with medium complexity and learn how to classify them using a holistic approach during the planning process. More information about the supplementary exam. An excellent infrastructure is available for this purpose, which includes 3D printers, robots, CNC milling machines and other digital devices. Requirements for admission to a bachelor's degree programme at TU Graz, Before you register for your studies, you will need to go through an admission procedure. Jovana supports international prospective students as International Student Ambassador. Admission Without German Language Proficiency at level C1. Note: During the admission procedure, the online pre-registration already takes place. In addition, visiting professors regularly present current developments in architecture. Alle UNI/FH Studien in Österreich: Info's zu Studium Architektur, TU Graz : Studieninhalt, Qualifikationsprofil, Zulassungsvoraussetzungen, Berufsaussichten, Job-Chancen, Kontaktdaten, Weiterführende Links - Portal für Bildung und Karriere in Österreich The bachelor degree programme offers many opportunities for students to broaden their knowledge in any problem-solving area and to meet some extraordinary people. #Wissen #Technik #Leidenschaft. In the course of his master and PhD programs he had several scholarships for Japan and Hong Kong, and was also involved in research on Buddhist architecture in the Western Himalaya. Ob einzelne Bauwerke oder die Gestaltung von Lebensräumen - das Bachelorstudium "Architektur" an der TU Graz verbindet ihre Leidenschaft für Kunst und Technik! Impressum, Datenschutzerklärung. Institut für Architektur und Medien Technische Universität Graz Fakultät für Architektur. Architectural issues are current and relevant to the entire construction industry field. Comprehensive presentation methods: These help you to capture your ideas on paper in a way that everyone can understand. As an architect, I want to affect peoples’ lives in the future, and hopefully in a positive way! Climate change and the responsible use of resources are the critical issues here, and socio-political aspects must also be taken into account. 👨 🎓🥳🤓 Soon your studies will start at TU Graz. Begleitet wurden die Studierenden von Aglaée Degros, Eva Schwab, Christian Kozina und Sabine Gindl vom Institut für Städtebau TU Graz sowie der Master Studio Gruppe des Institut für Wohnbau, Andreas Lichtblau und Sigrid Verhovsek . Masterstudium Architektur Entwickeln Sie nachhaltige Konzepte für Städte und Landschaften! In addition, the bachelor's degree offers you the opportunity to apply internationally for master's degree programmes. Four essential topics are introduced: Students are encouraged to consider the practical relevance of their education in the degree programme. tel: +43 316 873 4736 mail: iam_info@tugraz.at TU Graz.

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